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GS E&C has established its status as a top-ranking company domestically since its foundation in 1969 by achieving tremendous growth in the fields of architecture, civil engineering

  • Tel: +966 1-462-2224

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (HMG), the largest providers of comprehensive healthcare services in the Middle East. Working with us will open new horizons for you, because:

  • Tel: +966 2-636-0390

Alhamrani Industrial Group"Company Description will be updated soon

  • Tel: 00966-1-4389009 - Fax: 00966-1-4389005

Our Vision To be the leading Company of pharmaceutical and customer service networks in KSA by providing the optimal services and products. {Credit to their website}

  • 651-8816/651-8554/0556707114

They supply construction steel for building and other construction purpose

  • Tel: +966 3-898 0922

Al Nassr Ahssa Trading and Contracting Company"Company Description will be updated soon

  • Tel: +966 2-688 3502

Attieh Establishment for Trade and Industry"Company Description will be updated soon

  • Tel: +966 1-476 1581

Al Rajhi Development Company"Company Description will be updated soon

  • TBA

Al Haya Medical Company A modern pioneering spirit, one of the largest pharmaceutical, medical supplies and health care distributors with a huge share of pharma in the Kingdom of

  • Phone: +96611238888 Fax: +96611238888 Mobile: +96611238888

Al Jazirah Hospital Will be updated soon, if you want to submit the details please use the comment section or through our contact page

  • Tel: +966 1-479-3000

Through strategic planning and management, we have built the business progressively, overcoming the challenges in what was then a developing industry, operating in a difficult busi

  • Tel. + 966 13 84 74 284 Fax. + 966 13 84 74 033

ALSHIFA MEDICAL SYRINGE MANUFACTURING COMPANY is dedicated to Building a Healthier Tomorrow and helping people live in a healthier world. Our team members are committed to improve